How to make a half circle skirt

Happy Spring Everyone! It’s time so get out those pretty colorful fabrics that you have been storing or eyeing all winter and start making some skirts. I have a few full circle skirts in my closet that I rarely wear because they are a bit too full. I think they work well for certain people but for my body type, circle skirts make me feel and look bigger than I care to appear. I like the half circle skirt pattern because it is less full and accents my body shape better. The overall style is less subtle than the full circle skirt.

For this tutorial I used a rayon cotton blend fabric. With the flowing nature of the half circle skirt, I think soft fabrics work best. The pattern gives the skirt a natural twirl which is hard to get with regular weight cotton without having a bulky appearance. Knit fabrics should work well for this pattern as well. This pattern also has a natural waist wide elastic band which is easy to sew and looks like a normal interfaced band but without the zipper. I hope you enjoy the tutorial.


The side and the back has a nice amount of bounce and twirl without looking too bulky like the full circle skirt. I also like the knee length. It works perfectly for work or a date night.


Your Supplies

1-2 yards of rayon, knit or light cotton fabric
1.5″ wide elastic x waist measurement long

There is a bit of math involved in getting the correct measurements but I promise its super easy. You need two measurements; l for the length minus 2″ since you will be making a waist band and r which is the radius. I wanted my length to be 20″ so my l was 18″ and my waist was 33″ so my r calculated at  10.5″. See the diagram below on how to calculate and cut on your fabric. Remember to fold your fabric in half when you cut.


Here is what your folded pattern will look like after you cut it.


Open it up and hem the bottom. I like doing a 1/4″ fold and then another 1/2″ fold at the bottom.

IMG_3310 IMG_3311

Lets now make the band. Cut a piece of fabric 3.5″ wide by waist measurement long.


Fold in half and iron.


Sew the folded band to the waist of your skirt right sides together. Serge or zig-zag the ends.

IMG_3316 IMG_3315

Using a pin, thread your elastic through the band.


Next, you will sew the sides of the skirt right sides together all the way up through the band. Sew a few additional stitches on the band so that the elastic is nice and tight.


Iron down the band neatly. (sorry this image is upside down).


That’s it, you are done!


 Thank you and happy sewing!


Cuddle™ Squares Baby Blanket with Free Pattern

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring! I haven’t had much time to sew lately but when I received this absolutely stunning Cuddle™ kit from Shannon Fabrics, I just couldn’t wait to show it off.  I haven’t sewn much with cuddle fabrics since I started my sewing journey. Now that I am getting acquainted with Cuddle™ fabric, I have to say, I am officially hooked! I cant imagine not having my quilts and blankets made with these soft textured fabrics. This blanket features the stunning fabrics from Shannon Fabrics Freshly Picked Fabulous 5 Cuddle Kit . It features Crazy for Daisies Cuddle by ADORNit.  Whether you are new to sewing or a pro, Cuddle™ kits are an awesome way to get a pre-picked and pre-cut group of coordinated fabrics, ready for you to assemble into your masterpiece. This kit contains 6 strips of different Cuddle™ fabrics; 5 to be used for the blanket and one strip for the binding. I ended up not using binding so I used up all of my 6 strips for the blanket. The finished blanket measures 50″x60″ and calls for 2 Cuddle™ kits with lots of extra fabric, which I plan on using for a few more projects and tutorials.


The blanket featured in this tutorial is made up of a group of 6 rectangles not squares. I just thought the finished product looked more like squares than rectangles, hence the name Cuddle™ Squares. The pattern calls for 5 strips of fabric. If you follow the pattern, you will have one strip left over. You can either use the extra strip for your binding or create an extra layer like I did for mine.  If you want yours to be like mine, simple shorten the dimensions of your 5th rectangle and add a smaller one in the center. Either way, it will be gorgeous when completed.

The backing for this blanket uses 1.5 yards of  Cuddle Fleece Baby Pink . It is really soft and thick so I didn’t find it necessary to add batting to the center of the blanket. I also decided to finish my blanket using a topstitch instead of binding. I think the topstitch really let the designs of  the outer Cuddle™ fabric stand out. I just thought it was too pretty to cover up. If you want yours to have binding, you can use the extra strip included in the Cuddle™ kit.


My favorite part of the Fresh Picked Fabulous 5 Cuddle Kit is the blend and variety of the different Cuddle™ fabrics. Combined, the blanket feels luxuriously soft.


 Your Supplies:

2 Fresh Picked Fabulous 5 Cuddle Kits

1.5 yards of Cuddle Fleece Baby Pink


You can download the pattern, dimensions and full instructions here>>> CUDDLE SQUARES BABY BLANKET. The pattern calls for 4 layers of 4 rectangles and one separate center rectangle.  You can chose to work outwards by sewing the center rectangle first and/or inwards by sewing the outer large rectangle  first.

In finishing the blanket, you can use binding or top stitch as I did mine. Either way, it will look stunning. You can also add batting to the blanket in between the top and the back. I personally think the blanket with the fleece backing is sufficient and doesn’t need the batting but its a personal preference.

Thank you for visiting us for this tutorial and happy sewing!



Girls Paperbag Bubble Skirt

Hope everyone is having a good spring season so far. It’s been beautiful here in the Midwest. My daughter and I have been trying to get as many skirt days in as we can. Here is a little paperbag bubble skirt we did today for our mommy-daughter Sunday project. My little cutie pie picked out this pink and green fabric we found at Joanns. It is complimented with a bright pink polkadot ribbon on the top. This was a super simple and fast tutorial. For a 3T size, it only uses about 1/4 yard cotton fabric. We will definitely be making a few more of these gorgeous skirts for the summer.


I think the folded bubble design makes the skirt a bit fuller and heavier at the bottom. This skirt also looks great under leggings for colder weather. I love how bright and bold this fabric is. Mila really did a good job in her selection:-)


Your Supplies

1/2 yard for 3T

1″ Elastic

1″ Ribbon


Length (2 times waist)

Width (2 times length plus 6″)

Elastic (waist minus 2″)

For my 3T size my final fabric measurement was 40″ x 22″. You may need to sew pieces together to get your dimensions before starting the project if you are working with a smaller width fabric.

First fold your fabric in half right sides together lengthwise and sew the two ends together.


Turn it right side out and iron down the seam.


Sew two lines from the top. The top is where your edges meet. The first line is 1.5″ from the top and the second line is 1.5″ from the first line.


Attach a pin to the end of your elastic and thread it through the middle of the two lines. Sew both ends of the elastic together.


Sew the two sides of the skirt together by sewing all the way down the side. Trim and serge or zig-zag to prevent fraying.

IMG_3244 IMG_3245

Pull and set the elastic neatly on the top of the skirt.


You can stop here if you don’t want the ribbon. If you want to sew the ribbon, you can top stitch the two edges of the ribbon all the way around the middle of your two lines, folding in the ends when you reach the back.


That’s it! You are done.


How to sew a circular storage bin

Happy Sunday Everyone. Sunday is a busy day at our house. Its a day for chores, grocery shopping and most importantly…sewing! My daughter and I have been spending a lot of time creating small projects. This Sunday, we made this cute storage fabric bin to store some of my sewing essentials. Though she made more of a mess than actually helping me, we had fun together.

This is a super simple project that takes about 30 minutes to create. You can do it with regular cotton fabric with interfacing or just home dec fabric. You can also chose a different color for the lining and binding to add some contrast. I think I will be making a few of these for other things in my craft room. They can even work as drawer organizers.




Your Supplies:

2 Fat Quarters

Fleece interfacing if using regular cotton fabric

Coordinating binding (3″ x 15″)

Cut two circles how ever large you want them. Mine were 10″ in diameter. You can use the same colors or use a different color for your lining. If you are using regular cotton, you should also cut out a 10″ diameter of your fleece interfacing. Iron on the interfacing to the wrong side of one of your fabric circles.


Next, sew the two circles right sides together, leaving a small opening.


Turn it inside out and top stitch your opening close.


Setting your stitch length to the longest on your machine, sew two stitches the way around your circle. Pull one of thread of each of your stitches so that you have a gathered circle.


Take your binding that you made and sew it all the way around the top of the circle, enclosing the top inside the middle of the binding. Sew in the inside first, then fold it on top and sew on the outside (right side).

IMG_3157 IMG_3158

Thats it!


Womens Fit and Flare Dress with Free Pattern

Hey Guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently. With work, a 2 year old, dogs and life in general, I haven’t had much time to sew. This past week I think I was experiencing too many sewing withdrawal symptoms so I neglected a few chores to make this dress:-).

I have been seeing these fit and flare dresses all over the internet and in stores recently. Is this a new trend? They come in all sorts of variations; from drop waist to circle bottoms to pleats etc. I think the pattern is versatile because the style is so classic. The top can be worn with or without sleeves and you can pretty much make the bottom to fit your body shape. It can also be worn with or without a belt and can be accessorized with a complimentary necklace or scarf. I think I am going to make quite a few of these for the spring and summer. This pattern uses knit fabric which is very forgiving when sewing. It hides little mistakes very well. Trust me I have tons of experience with sewing mistakes:-). I purchased this particular blue jersey knit from Girl Charlee. The pattern comes in 3 sizes (S, M, L). The small fits bust size 32-34, medium fits 34-36 and large should fit 36-38 bust. Again, because the pattern is knit, it will fit a bit snug around the chest area. If you want it to be a tad looser, you can scale the pattern accordingly. I hope you guys enjoy the free pattern!

Fit and Flare Dress

It was a super windy and gloomy day when I took these pictures so forgive how amateur they look:-)

fit and flare dress


1.5-2 yards jersey knit fabric

Printed pattern (see below)

Printing Instructions:

You can print this at your local Kinkos or at home. If you print at home, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed to access the pdf file. You have to print the pattern in actual size (100%) in a “poster” or “tiled” format. Once you print out all your pages, you will need to cut and tape the pieces together to get the full pattern. If you have an older printer or computer that does not give you the “tiled” or “poster” format, you may need print at Kinkos.

Let’s start!

Download the top and sleeve pattern HERE. For the bottom, you need to measure what length you want the dress starting from your belly button. To get the width, measure around your belly button and add 15-20″. If you want it fuller than shown in the picture, add more than 15-20″.

Now lets start making this pretty dress!

Sew together your front and back bodice at the shoulder.


Next, we will make the binding. Cut a strip from your fabric measuring 4″ x 36″ (this will fit all sizes). You will have some left over which you can cut out. Its better to have extra binding than to run out as you are sewing. Happens to me all the time:-)Fold the binding in half and iron down the middle. Open the fold and fold each side and iron down.

IMG_3116 IMG_3117

Now, lets sew the binding on the neckline. Open the binding and sew it all the way around the neck about 1/4″ from the edge of the binding on the right side of the neckline.

IMG_3118 IMG_3119 IMG_3122

Fold it over the top, covering the exposed raw edges of the neckline and sew down all the way around the neckline on the right side of the fabric. Iron neatly.



Next are the sleeves! Take your sleeve and pin and sew to the arms of the top right sides together with the long part of the sleeve facing toward the top not away from it.

IMG_3124 IMG_3125 IMG_3126

Now, with right sides together, sew down from the ends of the arms of the sleeves all the down the side of top.


Hem your sleeve and your top is done!

Lets move on to the bottom!

Hem the bottom folding 1/4″ in and then 1/2″. Iron neatly.


Sew gathering stitches (longest stitch on your machine) about 1/2″ from the top of the bottom piece. Pull the thread until it fits the bottom of the top part of the dress you just finished.

IMG_3130 IMG_3131

Pin and sew all the way around.



You are done! Enjoy your creation.

Fit and Flare Dress

Thanks for visiting and Happy Sewing,