20 Easy Sewing Gifts to make this Holiday Season

I don’t know about you but Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love doing handmade gifts for my family and friends. The one issue with that is the lack of time. Having a full time job, being a single mom and juggling life tends to require most of my time. I try to sneak in a few sewing projects during my daughter’s nap time on the weekends or on nights when I just can’t sleep. Sometimes, I bring my sewing machine into the living room and sew while my daughter watches a movie. So, due to my busy schedule, I tend to lean towards easy sewing projects during the holidays. Here are a few of my favorite that I plan on whipping up this season. I am going to try and blog about some of these as I make them, so stay tuned!  I hope the list helps you as you create gifts this season.

Tea Towels


Chapstick Key Chain Holder


Charging Station


iPad Mini Case


Study Pillow


Fabric Headbands


Folded Pot Holder


Portable First Aid Kit


Quilted Wine Tote


20 Minute Infinity Scarf


Fabric Bookmarks


Minky Blanket


Easy Drink Coasters


Easy iPhone Case


 Easy Burp Rags

the best and easiest burp rags

Grab Bags


Oven Mitt


Reversible Bag


Sunglassses Case


Easy Cosmetic Bag


sewing gifts

Thanks for visiting and Happy Sewing!


Pattern Review- How to make a Simple Table Runner

This is still one of my favorite projects on the blog! This pattern can be used for any time of the year by simply using a different charm pack theme. You can use a fall inspired charm pack for a thanksgiving runner or a bright yellow charm pack for the summer. For this runner I used Kate Spain’s in from the cold charm pack from Southern Fabrics. I love the Christmas colors and the designs on this collection. It will look stunning coordinated with any color utensils during holiday meals. On top of being gorgeous Southern Fabrics has it on sale now along with tons of other pretty designs and patterns for all your holiday handmade gifts. This table runner fits a 4ft long table perfectly and the pattern can be adjusted for larger tables. Its a great beginner sewing and quilting project which only took about an hour to make and since I bought my charm pack on sale at Southern Fabrics, the entire runner cost about $15.



Here is what you need for this simple table runner (2.5ft x 1ft)

1 charm pack (Kate Spain in from the cold used in this tutorial) 24 square pieces used for this runner
solid cotton (broadcloth) 3ft long x 1.5 ft wide
warm and natural batting 3ft long x 1.5 ft wide
8 ft 3″ wide cotton strip for binding


Step 1

Lay out 24 of your pieces in whatever pattern looks good to you, forming 3 rows with 8 pieces in each row.. If you want a larger runner, use more of your charm pieces.

Step 2

Next, sew your 3 rows together by sewing each piece right side together to the other one until you reach the end. Starch and iron your work.


 Step 3

Next, sew your 3 rows together to form one big piece. Again, sew right side together. Starch and iron.



 Step 4

Form a quilt sandwich with the batting in the middle and the design and solid cotton pieces on the outside.


 Step 5

Pin through your layers every 5″. You may be able to get away without pinning if you hold your pieces together. The batting will hold it in place.


 Step 6

Take your runner to the machine and sew in between each column so that you sew down 6 times. You will want to start in the middle and work your way outwards. I sew in between each column so that my stitches are hidden. The technique is called “stitch in the ditch”. Once you sew all your columns, cut out your extra batting and back pieces.


 Step 7

Take your 3″ strip and fold in two and iron down. Here is a great video on how to put binding on. I machine quilt which means I don’t hand sew the binding on. In that case, I sew my binding on the back first and then fold it over and machine sew it on the front with a nice stitch. Its that simple! Enjoy your masterpiece.