How to make a T-shirt Overlay Bubble Dress

Hello Everyone! I have been out of my sewing room for a while due to the passing of my beloved dog, Zeus. This weekend, I decided it was time to do something fun to cheer myself up. What better place to do that than right next to my sewing machine! I have been keeping this old Halloween t-shirt that belongs to my toddler for a while now. It is just too cute to give away. The size is 18-24 months and although the arms and chest fit her 3 year old body just fine, the length is way too short. I found some purple spider cotton fabric in my stash and decided to make her a cute little overlay bubble dress.


I was debating whether to do an actual tutorial for this dress but I thought, why not! There may be other beginners like myself that want to try this out. The reason why this is called an overlay is because the t-shirt fits over the bottom of the bottom skirt instead of a side by side seam. There is a 1″ overlap of the t-shirt over the skirt.


Your Supplies

An old-t-shirt

1/2 yard of fabric for toddler 2T-3T

Measurement: measure 1″ from the bottom of the t-shirt to about the knee. Take that measurement and multiply it by 2 plus 2″. That will be your length. To get the width, take the waist measurement of your child and multiply by 1.5. If you want it fuller, you can multiply the waist by 2 or 3. My toddler’s waist was 20″ and from the bottom of her shirt to the knees was 8″. My final measurement for the skirt was 18″ long  x 30″ wide.

I decided to do a picture tutorial for this post since this is a simple 3 step project. The idea is to fold the bottom piece in two, gather the top after you have folded it, sew the sides together and fit/pin the final skirt under the t-shirt. The last step is to sew all away around about 1″ from the bottom of the t-shirt so that you have a 1″ overlay. Accessorize with a cute bow and your little one is ready to sport her new outfit.

PicMonkey Collage

I hope you guys enjoy this simple tutorial. Thanks for visiting and Happy Sewing.




Saying goodbye to my best friend

Hey Guys! I have been away from the blog for a while due the passing of my beloved dog Zeus. It has been really hard for me to concentrate on anything besides him. Zeus spent 7 years of  his life with me as my best friend, companion, roommate,  family,  therapist and so much more. He was my baby and my heart is broken that he is no longer with me. Here is a tribute I did for him that I would like to share with all of you. I hope you always cherish your loved ones and never take their presence and love for granted.

Tribute to Zeus by Slidely Slideshow

Zeus was diagnosed with Addison disease when he was 5 years old. I managed to keep him alive for 2 years, after which he started having joint issues which affected his mobility. He weighed over 100lbs when he died and though he had troubles running and walking sometimes, he always tried his best to get up and greet me every day I came home. Zeus and I had a special bond beyond anything I have ever experienced. He always knew when I was sad. Even though he couldn’t jump on my bed anymore, he would come and lay his head on top or sit by my bed to let me know he was there. He was a gentle giant that people gravitated towards during our walks. I cannot remember a single time when Zeus didn’t get a compliment while he was out. Kids would rush to pet him. He was a spectacular creature that can be mirrored by none.


Here is Zeus at 3 years old. At this time, he weighed 130lbs and was about 5.1″ tall when he stood up.

Though he was a huge boy, he honestly thought he weighed about 10lbs and was a lap dog. He loved sitting on my lab. I knew better than to sit on the  floor when Zeus was around because he would rush over and lay his big heavy butt on me:-)


Zeus and Zoey were together since they were 2 weeks old. Here they are 2 months before Zeus died.

He was in love with Mila and its been hard for her to understand what happened to him. However, I am glad she was able to meet him and understand the love of an animal at such a young age. I am also happy that she and I still have Zoey who continues to give us our daily dose of kisses.


Zeus eventually died from anemic shock. I had no idea he had anemia. By the time I found out it was just too late to save him. Having Zeus in my life and having him pass has made me realize that the only thing is life that matters and should always matter are the relationships we have with our loved ones. In the end, those are the memories that will live on.

Thank you for reading and following the blog. Like I said before, cherish your loved ones and never take their presence and love for granted.