Wine Bottle Bag Pattern

Happy Monday Guys! My friend recently had a birthday and her gift request was a bottle of cheap wine:-). Yes, sometimes the cheapest wines are the best. Well, I wanted to style it up a bit and so I decided to make a wine bottle bagĀ  to present it in. In my online and Pinterest quest to find a wine bottle bag pattern, I couldn’t find one with a round bottom like most wine bottles are. Most of the ones I found had square boxed bottoms that doesn’t quite look right on round bottles. Anyway, I decided to make a quick one with a round bottom that is padded for extra protection. I am sure this will come in handy during the holidays as I usually give wine as presents. It definitely beats just putting it in a gift bag, right? And, not to forget, it only took about 20 minutes to make!! My friend loved it lovingly said, “only Remona would give me wine in a handmade wine bottle bag”:-). Hope you guys enjoy the pattern!


The fabric used for this is from ADORNit Nested Owl Line. I love the leaf pattern. It goes with the wine theme I think. This fabric was also used in my Easy Laptop Case Pattern. The pattern and tutorial calls for ribbon to be used as the tie but I didn’t have any, so I just made 1″ ties. I think it may have looked better with a nice blue ribbon.


Here is the round bottom. Yes, it’s not perfect but it definitely beats having a square bottom for a round bottle. I was in a rush to make this so I am sure yours will turn out better than this.


Here is a view of the back of the bag. I think it came out neat. Having a round bottom really makes the fit looks snugged.


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wine bottle bag

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