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Hi Guys! Real life has been really hectic recently so my sewing hobby took a back seat for a few weeks. I am obsessed with free bag patterns. I doodled this design during a boring meeting at work and decided it was pretty and practical enough to make into a real project. It’s a simple egg shaped messenger bag with an angled front pocket. The design looks stunning with a pair of coordinated fabrics. The front pocket is large enough to hold all your necessities when on the run. The bag doesn’t have closure but the pattern can be adjusted for a closure of preference. The dimensions approximate to about 12″ x 14″. It’s the perfect size; not too big, not too small. I made a strap with coordinated fabric but I think I may use belting for the next one. I also decided to change the name from Retro to Oval Messenger bag after I already created the pictures, so sorry for the mix-up. Enjoy the free pattern and tutorial!

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I bought this fabric from my local Joann’s fabric store. I love the how well the gray and peach paired for this bag.


The binding really brings together the two fabrics well. I am definitely making a few more of these bags as presents.


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Your Supplies

1 yard main fabric

1/2 yard coordinate fabric

 1 yard fleece lining

About 14″ of binding for the front pocket ( you will have extra)

Print free pattern HERE. Please read the first page of the pattern on how to print and piece all the pieces together. I used 1/2″ seam allowance.

Let’s get started!

Here are all your pieces for the main bag (One main back, two main lining back, two main interfacing, one center overlay, two pocket/secondary overlay (mirror images) *sorry this picture shows two identical images instead of mirror images (I initially made a mistake)*, one pocket interfacing, one right front side piece, one left front side piece)


Let’s first start with the pocket/secondary overlay.

Iron on fleece interfacing to wrong side of one of your pieces.


Baste stitch (longest stitch length) the other pocket piece to the first pocket piece right side facing out forming a sandwich with the interfacing in between.


Next, put the binding on the top of the pocket sandwich you just made.



Now, sew the pocket to the first overlay with both right sides facing up.



Take the two front side pieces and sew them to the side of the middle piece you just completed. Sew right sides together. Iron down neatly.



Here is what you completed front piece will look like.


Once you have your main front completed, iron on the fleece interfacing to it as well as your main back piece. The picture below shows both the front and back piece with fleece interfacing on it. Your front main piece will be slightly smaller than your main because of all the seam allowances you used. See next steps on trimming the back to match the front.


Next, **LINE UP THE BACK PIECE TO THE MAIN FRONT PIECE RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. YOU WILL HAVE TO TRIM OFF SOME OF THE BACK PIECE TO ALIGN AND FIT TO YOUR FRONT SO THAT ALL SIDES MATCH UP (sorry I did not take a picture). ** Sew the back piece to the front piece right sides together. Turn inside out.


Take your lining piece and sew right sides together.


Fit the main bag into the lining right sides facing each other. IMG_3670

Sew the top all the way around leaving about 5″ open.


Turn it inside out and top stitch all the way around closing your opening.



Now onto the straps

You will need to measure how long you want your straps to be based on whether you want to wear it as a messenger or over the shoulder bag.  The length of mine ended up being about 30″ with a width of about 3.5″. Iron on regular interfacing on the wrong side.


Fold in and iron down about 1/2″ on each side.


Then, fold in the center. Sew all the way down. IMG_3677   IMG_3678

Next, fold in the ends and sew a square X on the side to ensure it is secure. Repeat on the other side.


That’s it! Enjoy your bag!



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Thanks for visiting and Happy Sewing!



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