Free Skirt Patterns-Sexy Knit Pencil Skirt

I always have a hard time finding clothes that are made for curvy body types. Most of what I see in  stores these days are made for girls with stick figures. Though, I wouldn’t mind losing a few more pounds, I like my curves. I think clothes that highlight the best features of your body always fit better than clothes that try to hide them. I recently made some of these curve hugging skirts and they are definitely my go to staple pieces in my closet along with my other skirt patterns. The pattern is made to sit at the waist, hug the hips and taper down towards the thighs. I like that the length hits right at or slightly over the knee. The skirt is sexy and classy at the same time which works perfectly for a date night or work. It’s a very versatile style that everyone should have in their closet. The pattern comes in small, medium and large sizes (see below for measurements).


 The pattern uses medium to heavy weight knit fabric which hugs the body nicely to accent your curves.


Here is what you need:

  • 1- 1.5 yards of knit fabric (jersey cotton blend). The fabric used for this tutorial can be found at Girl Charlee.
  • 1″ wide elastic cut at waist measurement (see below) plus 1/2″.

You can download the pattern HERE. The pattern already has 1/2″ seam allowance so you just need to set your printer to 100% “tile on multiple sheets”, print, and tape together.

Here are the measurements:

  • Small (waist 26-27, hip 37-38)
  • Medium (waist 28-29, hip 39-40)
  • Large (waist 31-32, hip 42-43)

Step 1- Cut out your skirt using the pattern. You will have one piece for the back and one piece for the front.


Step 2-Sew down the sides of the skirt using 1/2″ seam allowance


Step 3-Fold down the top 1/4″ and sew all the way around.


Step 4- Fold down the top again 1.25″and sew all the way around leaving 3″ for the elastic.


Step 5- Using a large pin, thread the elastic through the opening. Sew the opening close.


Step 6-Hem the bottom. I like doing 1/4″ fold first and then 3/4″ all the way around for a neat polished finish.

PicMonkey Collage

Enjoy your creation!

 Thanks for joining me for this tutorial. Happy Sewing,




  1. anneweaver1974 says:

    I need to wear more skirts! I've linked to your pattern over at Craft Gossip:
    My recent post Free pattern: Sexy knit pencil skirt

  2. C'est une très bonne idée ! Merci pour partage !
    My recent post Collier fimo

  3. Remona love your patterns. Got to try this one. Thank you

  4. thank you so much for the pattern! :)

  5. elizabethwashington says:

    The skirts is great as it can be wearied during pregnancy month and it also avoids stretch marks on body. I have ordered one maternity skirts from <a<a href=""&gt <a href="http://;” target=”_blank”>; I hopping the best.

  6. I can zoom in or zoom out on the PDF pattern, but can't find 100%. Help. Doris

  7. FiguringOutPeplum says:

    I printed as 2 x 2 poster. === 4 pieces of paper –which gives you 1/4th of your skirt.

    After I tape the pattern piece, then I will make 2 pieces; one for front and one for the back.

    Does this make sense?

  8. has anyone done this with lining as well? wondering if a) it would work and b) how to do it?
    thanks for designing it, it was just what i've been looking for x

  9. firehfiwotf says:

    u making it easy 10Q

  10. How many yards of fabric should I buy for this? I'm really bad at estimating yardage and tend to under buy. Does two yards of 58" for a medium sound about right?

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  26. What settings & thread do you use for your seams? I have a regular sewing machine, not a serger.

  27. ginniccole says:

    How would can i make this into an xlarge pattern size?
    Then how much material would be required?
    I have an idea just by adding maybe 3 more inches onto the already folded pattern in the waist area and 4 or 5 more inches to the already folded pattern in the hip area, does this sound ok?

  28. Your patterns rock! I always come back to your site because I know I will get exactly what I'm looking for.Thank you.

  29. JC Smitty says:

    Nice pattern. Unfortunately, but not surprised, the size does not cover a plus size.

    How does one add to it when you wear a size 20-22 in patterns.

    Thanks for any advice. I'm a beginner (not novice and have sewn skirts before).

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