Mila’s Sock Snake

I think I may just be the last person making one of these popular sock snakes. I knew I had to make one after seeing the tutorial from Grosgrain. Kathleen’s mismatch sock snake is very popular and is a very creative idea for a child’s project. Its a super easy beginner friendly project that will be loved by your little one. For Mila’s sock snake, I bought 6 pairs of socks in size womens 4-10 from Walmart. I bought bright girly colors since that’s what she is into these days. The 12 socks ended up being the perfect length for my toddler. She loved it!

This sock snake can be done with tights as well. Tights may actually be easier since you won’t have to do so much cutting. You can also get creative with the eyes and tongue. I highlighted a few steps on how to make this cute snake, but the full tutorial can be seen on Grosgrain. The hardest part for me was filling the snake with polyfil. It took a while to fill the entire length of the snake. Also, I think for my next snake, I will do an A-line on the last sock to have the tail end be pointy like a real snake. Other than, that this was a fun project!

Mila absolutely loved this snake. She calls it her worm and swapped out Elmo for this as her cuddle buddy tonight:-). I think I will have to make a few of these for Christmas gifts this year!


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