Easy Peplum Skirt

I know there are tons of peplum stuff out there, but I wanted to show a different way to do this simple wardrobe icon. I always get confused cutting out peplums or circle skirts. I mess up on the calculations or cutting my fabric. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make this skirt without a pattern or the need for a calculator. No more trying to calculate radii or trying to determine how to fold your fabric etc. This is really simple and as a beginner, I was able to sew this in under and hour.
I got this fabric from Girl Charlee as part of my 1/4 yard bargain lot purchase. Luckily, I received two 1/4 yard of the same gray chevron so I decided to sew the two pieces together to get 1/2 yard. I am a size medium and 1/2 yard was all I needed for this skirt. It will be a great skirt for me to wear to work or a dinner appointment. It’s my first peplum skirt so I am excited to add it to my closet.

Here is what you need
1/2-1 yard knit fabric (Mine is Gray Jersey Chevron)
Sewing essentials

Step 1
Take a skirt that fits and lay it on one end of your folded fabric away from the fold. Cut all the way around, going up about 3 inches for the waist band. I made mine a little longer than my template skirt by simply coming down on both sides.

 Step 2
Cut out the 3 inches you cut for the band in step 1.Set aside. Sew down the sides of the skirt right sides facing each other.

Step 3
To make the peplum, fold down the remaining fabric on the folded side of your knit. Once folded down, bring the right piece together with the middle of the fold so that it forms a triangle.

Step 4
Cut an arc or semi-circle on the bottom of your triangle. You will see a line through my triangle/peplum in upcoming photos. This line is only showing on mine because I joined 2 half yards together. It will not show on your design.

Step 5
Cut an arc 2″ from the tip of your triangle. Open up the triangle/peplum and hold it up against the waist of your skirt. If its too small, fold back the triangle and cut in 1″ intervals until the peplum matches the waist of the skirt.

Step 6
You can serge or hem the bottom of the peplum if you want a polished look. If not, you can leave as is. Take the peplum and fit it inside the skirt top with the right sides facing each other. Then, take the waist band that you made earlier and fit it over the skirt and peplum sandwich. Again, ensure your right sides are facing each other. Pin all the way around. Sew all three together.

Step 7
Fold in the top of your waist band half way down and sew all the way around. You can also serge the edges before you fold down.

Step 8
The last step is to hem the bottom. Again you can serge before you hem or just hem with raw edges.


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