Easy Peplum Top

Peplum tops are a classic design that can compliment any type of bottom. They can be dressed down for a movie night or dressed up for an evening out of town. They also work well for work outfits. Check out this easy peplum top I made from the Girl Charlie Anchors Away Line in striped nautical blue. For a size medium without sleeves, this took just under 1/2 yard of knit fabric. The best thing about sewing with knits is that you never have to worry about your pattern turning out perfectly or your stitches being absolutely straight. Knits are so forgiving, which makes them great for apparel projects.

This top can be done without a pattern. All you need is a shirt that fits you. I found an old fitted t-shirt to use as my template. Also, I know that peplums can be a little tricky to cut due to the calculations involved. You wont need to pull out your calculator for this top. I will show you an easy way to do a peplum without doing the math.
Check out some of my favorites from Girl Charlee Fabric Shop from an earlier post. They offer so many options for knits, you will feel like a child in a candy store once you enter their site!
 Your Supplies
1/2 yard knit fabric (Nautical Blue shown above) for size medium 34″ bust.
Thread and sewing essentials

Step 1
Lay out a shirt that fits you on top of your folded knit fabric. Ensure your shirt is on the side away from the fold of your knit fabric.

Step 2
Measure a few inches from your neck to the top of your navel and fold your shirt at that point. Mine was 15″.

Step 3
Fold in your sleeve and cut all the way around your shirt leaving about 1/2″ seam allowance.

Step 4
Fold your knit fabric in the center and ensure both sides line up. If  they don’t line up evenly, trim off the necessary parts to make it align.

Step 5
Draw and cut a half circle on your neckline from one end of the shoulder to the next.

Step 6
Take your remaining piece of fabric and fold in half. After you fold in half, take the side away from the fold and cross it over forming a triangle.

 Step 7
Cut out an arc at the bottom based on how long you want your peplum to be. If you want it short, cut closer to the top. If you want it long, cut closer to the bottom. It will look like a  triangle when you are done.

Step 8
Cut an arc at the tip of the triangle about 2″ away from the top. Open it and hold it against the bottom of your top piece to ensure they both have the same circumference. If they don’t, fold back the triangle and cut in 1″ increments until both pieces match up.

Step 9
With right sides together, sew your top pieces. Start at the top of the shoulders and then down the sides. Once completed, fold in the neckline and armholes 1/4″ twice and sew around. You don’t have to finish the edges of the neckline and armholes if you want a more rugged look.

Step 10
Do the same thing for your peplum. Fold in the bottom edges and sew all the way around. You can also serge if you prefer.

Step 11
Take the peplum and place it inside the bottom of the skirt, right side facing each other. The bottom of the top should align with the inner circle of the peplum. Pin and sew all the way around.

Step 12
Iron out all your seams and you are done!


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