City Chic Handbag with Free Pattern

If you haven’t noticed from all my posts this month; I am going through and bag and purse phase! I saw this pattern on a Jimmy Choo bag and decided to try it out.  I decided to call mine City Chic because that’s what I feel like when I am wearing it:-) You can pretty much go wild with fabrics for this pattern. You can use home decor fabrics, canvas, old jeans, leather, regular cotton with interfacing, and even heavy weight knits. You can also mix and match fabrics using complimentary colors for the flap and the body or use one color for both the flap and the body.

I decided to leave my bag without a closure since it has a huge flap over the top opening but I think magnetic closures may work best for this design if you decide you want it closed.

For my straps, I chose a chain I found at my local craft store.  I honestly wanted leather but it was too expensive for what I wanted to spend on this bag. This entire bag cost about $10! I love it. I hope you guys enjoy the free pattern.


I think for my next bag, I will add a closure. I thought the bag will stay close with the flap but it wasn’t as secure as I thought so I will add magnetic closures to my next one. If you make this bag, I recommend adding a closure.


I decided to pin on a flower I bought at the store to give it an added girly look.



handbag 1


Your Supplies

1/4 yard outer fabric

1/4 yard lining

1/4 yard fleece interfacing

chain and hook for straps

Print out the free pattern HERE.

First, iron on the interfacing to you the wrong side of the lining of the top flap, the back main piece and the front main piece.

Now, take your back flap lining and sew to the back bottom lining right sides together. Repeat for the front.

IMG_3964 IMG_3966

Take your bottom main piece and your bottom lining piece and sew right sides together on the TOP only. Fold over and top stitch.

IMG_3996 IMG_3997

Now, take the front bottom piece you just created above and sew it to the main front piece, right side up.

IMG_3998 IMG_3999

Take your lining piece and sew to the piece you made above right side together, leaving an opening to turn inside out.


Top stitch your opening. You can also top stitch all the way around your top flap as well.


Add loops to the side so you can clip on your chain handle.


That’s it! Pin on an accent flower or a sew on a button or just the flap plain.


Thanks for visiting and Happy Sewing.



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