Simple Duffel Bag

This weekend I decided to make myself a cute duffel bag for my gym stuff. As silly as it may sound, I get a little more excited to go to the gym with a pink bag rather than a plain ole boring black or gray bag. It must be the girl in me:-) This duffel bag measures about 20″ long and about 10″ in diameter. It is big enough to store all your gym essentials. It uses a bright complimentary pink belting for the handles. I wanted to add a shoulder length strap as well but I ran out of belting. For the zipper, I used a heavy duty plastic zipper which makes it way easier to open than standard zippers. I added piping on the sides which really helps in bringing out the beauty in this tribal home décor fabric.  I hope you enjoy the tutorial!




For a 20″ Duffel Bag you need:
1 yard of home décor fabric
2 yards piping
3 yards of belting
22 or 20″ zipper

Cut out your fabric:
A rectangle measuring 32″ x 20″
2 circles measuring 10.5″ in diameter

Once you have your fabric cut out, fold it in half and iron down about 1/4″ on both ends.


Using your zipper foot, sew on the zipper on both ends of the 1/4″ folds you ironed down earlier.



Now, lets sew on the belting straps. Starting from the bottom and 5″ away from the ends, pin down the belting all the way around leaving about 10″ on the top for your handle.

IMG_2321 IMG_2324 IMG_2320

Sew down the belting by stitching on both sides. You will need to do “X-stitches” about 4″ away from the top on all 4 ends.

IMG_2323 IMG_2322

Take your piping and pin and sew all the way around both of your circles. The raw edges will need to face the raw edge of the circles on the right side of your fabric.

IMG_2326 IMG_2325

Pin the circle on the side of the bag right side together. Sew using 1/2″ seam allowance. Repeat for the other side.


That’s it. You are done! So cute.


Thank you for visiting and happy sewing,



  1. Remona,
    That is really cute!!
    I made your last bag the next day, but have yet to post you a pic!!
    Might have to try this one tomorrow!
    Very cute!
    I'm jealous of your grass…we have snow piled feet high and more on the way tonight.


  2. anneweaver1974 says:

    Awesome bag!! I've linked to it on Craft Gossip:
    My recent post Tutorial: Sew a simple duffel bag

  3. akismet-d821bc609ff561206773625ce695d8ad says:

    Very nicely done! Pinned.
    My recent post Lace Dress, 3 Ways

  4. This is a very nice bag, I'm looking for a nice fabric to make one for me.

  5. Hey, I will try to sew it. Me like…

  6. Embroiderymad says:

    Awesome bag. have pinned it for later. Thanks for sharing.

  7. GM Terrie says:

    I admire you for including yourself in your plan for living. Too many women have children, a career, and little else to feed their souls. As a retired nurse, sewing has always brought joy to me, too. An even bigger bonus is that I am never bored with my days (and nights) to myself now. I am happy with my projects.

    This duffel bag is perfect! You keep it simple and share it with all of us. Thank you for your kindness. Keep on keeping on, Remona, you're doing a LOT right! God bless you and your daughter.

  8. I had a piece of quilted fabric, but no belting, so made my own straps. Amazing and easy to make. It looks fabulous, so am going through my stash to make a bunch more. Thank you for sharing this.

  9. Thanks for the turotial. From Madrid, Spain! Cheers!

  10. Nanci Stokes says:

    I have now made seven of these for grand kids, and my husband has a "man bag" I made my own straps as I had no webbing in my stash. Quilted all items and they are fabulous.
    I also applied zipper on outside of the bag. Perfect, perfect!

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  12. Awesome tutorial! Definitely going to try it. But I was wondering, (beginning sewer so bare with me) did you sew 2 pieces of fabrics together or did you just kinda use it the way it comes kinda folded in half from the store and add the zipper. Probably a dumb question I know but I’m liable to make it harder then it is if I don’t ask lol

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  14. Remona,
    How do you figure the size of the circles if you make a bigger bag?

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