Quilted Barrel Pouch with Free Pattern

I have been meaning to make a new cosmetic bag and get rid of my old dingy dollar store purchase for a while now. I like quilted bags. They have a neat tailored look that catches the eye. I found this gorgeous blue floral fabric in my stash and decided to make a barrel pouch with it.
The size is about 7″ long, which is big enough to hold all my traveling cosmetics and compact enough to fit nicely in my purse, without taking too much space. The contrasting colored thread used to form the vertical quilted lines really makes the design on the fabric stand out. I also did a small strap just to hold when opening the pouch. The pattern is simple enough for any beginner to use.  Over all, I think it came out pretty good. What do you think?

I was lucky that this gorgeous large blue flower ended up on my circle at the end.

I think the 1/2″ vertical stitches with contrasting colored thread really makes the design on the pouch stand out.

Here is what you need to make this simple and pretty barrel pouch
 1/2 of a fat quarter for exterior and interior fabric
Fleece interfacing
7″ zipper

Step 1
Download the pattern HERE. Cut out all your pieces from the pattern.

Step 2
Iron on the fleece onto the wrong side of the exterior fabric. Then, make a sandwich with the interior fabric. Do this for your circle ends as well.

Step 3

Sew parallel lines on all your sandwiches about 1/2″ apart. You can draw the lines with chalk on your fabric to guide you if needed.

 Step 4
Fold the tops of your main pieces about 1/4″ down and iron. Attach the zipper to both of your pieces, sewing one side at a time.

Step 5

Sew the bottom of the pieces together.

Step 6
Pin one of your circle to the end of your pouch and sew all the way around. Take your time and go slow. You can also hand stitch it so that it is in place, then sew on the machine. Serge or zig-zag the edges so that it doesn’t fray.

Step 7
Quilt a 3″x1″ rectangle for the strap. Fold it in and pin at the top of the other end, folding in the strap so that its inside the pouch touching the right side.

Step 8
OPEN the zipper and sew the other circle to the end, sewing down your straps at the same time. Turn the pouch inside out through the zipper. That’s it! You are done.


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