Loving Girl Charlee

Its only been six months since I started learning how to sew, so other than my local Joann’s I was clueless about other fabric shops. I started sewing with knits because it was just so easy to sew with. I didn’t have to worry too much if my pattern or stitch was perfect because knits are so forgiving. Well, if you are like me and you only shop at your neighborhood fabric store, you have most likely been disappointed at their collection of knits. After sewing with all five of my local fabric store’s knit options and using up all my coupons, I started looking for other online sources. I was in for a shock when I saw some of the prices out there. Seriously, there is no way I am paying $12 for a yard of knit fabric unless it’s a must have for a special project. As a single working mom where sewing is my hobby, its important that I stay within my fabric budget, especially for tutorials for my blog.
I found Girl Charlee in a google search in my hunt for affordable knits. I was surprised at their collection and prices. My first shopping experience with this shop was like a child in a candy store. I couldnt decide which ones I needed for tutorials, which ones to put on my wishlist or which ones to just buy just cause I couldnt pass it up! Last month, I spent my entire fabric budget at Girl Charlee. So, keep an eye out for all knit tutorials and patterns coming in the next few weeks:-)

One of my favorite from the shop is The Tiffany Blue Chevron. At under $7 a yard, I was able to grab a few yards for an upcoming tutorial. I love the tone of this color on the white background. It gives a soft pattern contrast without being too overwhelming. Stay tuned for my tutorial using this gorgeous chevron design.

Another one that I fell in love with is the Anchors Away Nautical Blue Stripe from their Anchors line. I like the shade of blue on white. I also like the horizontal stripes. It gives a slimming effect if you are using it for skirts, which is what I plan on making with this design. Another thing I forgot to mention about Girl Charlee is that they have half yard options on selected designs so you dont need to buy extra if you dont need the additional yardage.

For those wanting something other than stripes or chevron, Girl Charlee has a huge selection of floral and novelty options. They also have different types of knits. Check out this Feathers on Silver Peony Cotton Jersey Knit. Is this not a must have or what?! This is definitely on my wishlist for my next order. I can think of so many projects to do this unique design; from a short sleeve cardigan to a long maxi dress! I can’t wait to get my hands on a few yards.

How about this Tropical Birds burnout cotton design. Can you not think of so many ways to put this beauty to use?! I think I am going to make a ruffle dress for my daughter with this one, since she is all about birds right now. I am also thinking about some accessories, like a cool headband or a matching knit fabric flower for her dress. This would also make a stunning tube top to go with my favorite jeans. Ohhh getting excited just thinking about it!
Stay tuned for my tutorials this week using selections from Girl Charlee. You will be loving this shop as much as I do!


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