The Simple Clutch Tutorial with Free Pattern

What girl doesn’t need an embellished clutch? I found an owl button in the bargain stash at my local craft store and decided to make a little project out of it. I think I will use this as my makeup bag. It will go perfectly with my black pocketbook.

Here is what you need
16″x22″ (folded 8×11) cotton fabric
16″x22″ (folded 8×11) coordinating lining
16″x22″ (folded 8×11) interface (fleece)
1 magnetic snap
1 large decorative button

Cut out your pattern here. After you cut out all your pieces, you should end up with the following pieces.

Attach your interfacing to the back of each of your lining pieces. Once your interface is on, sew in your darts in all your pieces.

Install your magnetic snaps to the front sides of both your lining pieces. I watched this video on how to install snaps.

This picture was taken before I ironed. Once you trim and iron your seams, it should be nice and smooth

Now with right sides facing each other, sew the outer main fabric to each piece of your lining piece leaving about 3 inches at the bottom of each so that you can turn it inside out. Once you turned them inside out, fold in the small 3 inch opening and iron down. Do this for both pieces. Do not sew it close yet.

Align your large piece to your small piece with linings facing each other. Make sure your small opening is folded in and aligned as well. Top stitch following the red line as indicated below. You can top stitch the entire clutch if you want as well.

Now all that’s left to do is attach a stunning button to the top and you are done! Simple isn’t it?


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