Sunny Summer Day Onesie Dress

This has got to be the simplest dress to make! I had this onesie from when Mila was a baby and loved it. It has a stain at the bottom so I couldn’t donate it and I did not want to throw it away. I also found a skirt of mine that no longer fits and decided to combine the two to make this precious summer dress for her to twirl around in.


Your Supplies

A onesie
A skirt with a waist after elastic removed of at least twice the waist of child or fabric with width twice the waist of child and length from waist to knees
This a onesie that I had. I think it was from Gymboree. Too cute to let go of:-)
A yellow skirt I found in my closet that doesn’t fit.
Measure from the bottom of the skirt to the waist of the length you want the skirt to be and cut the remaining top of the skirt off. Mine measured 13 inches but you can cut yours based on your child’s measurement.
Do the same thing for the onesie. I measured from the top to the waist and cut
Zig zag stitch the top of the skirt to prevent fraying

Fold the top of the skirt about 1/2 iron all the way down and stitch. You can do the same thing for fabric if you are not working with an old skirt.
Gather the skirt to fit around the waist of the onesie. For gathering, I put my tension on the highest setting and length stitch on the longest, locking the first stitch in and sewing all the way around (not locking the end stitch). Take a look at this video on gather. It helped me.
Once you have your gathered skirt, pin it all the way around the waist of your cut onesie. For the dress, the gathered top will go outside the onesie on the right side. So, to get it all lined up for pinning, fit the onesie right side up into the skirt right side up. Happy pinning!
Now, sew all the way around removing your pins are you along. When its done, it will look like this:
If you want to add a flower, you can make a simple gathered flower. I learned to do mine from this video.


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