Jaren Johnson’s Art

Hey Guys! This is not a post on sewing or fabrics. My friend Jaren is finally starting to showcase his paintings online and I wanted to send some love his way by doing a post on some of my most favorite pieces from him. I met Jaren about a year a ago and have since been captivated by his talent as an artist. Though my painting skills are mediocre at best, I hope to one day be half as good as him. Raw talent from someone who can take their imagination to places beyond belief is rare! I truly admire anyone that can bring their thoughts to life; whether that is through fabric or canvas. Here are some of my favorite paintings from Jaren.


How amazing is the detail on the old man with the beard! Love it.

Here is my favorite landscape painting of his. So serene!


How amazing is this lamb of God one. This was one of the first paintings I saw of Jaren’s and I was truly in awe!


This last one of Santa I could not believe was an actual painting. Looks like a picture to me! Can’t believe how well Jaren brought him to life.


You can check out more of Jaren’s paintings and photography from FineArtsAmerica.

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