Reversible Hobo Beginner Bag Pattern

I have been meaning to make a quick grab and go tote where I can just toss what I need and rush out the door. I thought what better style than a hobo tote! These are so simple to make and having it be reversible is really versatile. This tote measures about 15″ across so its not too big and not too small. I think I can get all my daughter’s sleep over stuff or my gym gear in it. It doesn’t have a closure which goes with my desire to have it be a toss and go kinda bag. The pattern is free and you can scale it up or down based on your needs. I hope you guys enjoy the pattern and tutorial!

The fabric used for this bag is an owl/bird pattern I picked up at Joanns Fabric Store as well as a dark denim.


The pattern is not really meant to go on the shoulders but it can be worn as such. I have found similar patterns online but some of the them have too long of a strap piece or a bit rounded. I really wanted this bag to be somewhat square with a short handle.


I used a denim material for the other side of the bag which ended up matching my owl fabric pretty well. I added some featherlight interfacing to the cotton print fabric to give it some heaviness. Since I used denim on the other side, I really didn’t need to use interfacing on both sides.


The bag has a standard box shape which is super easy to sew. This bag literally took me about 30 mins from start to finish! Gotta love quick sewing projects.


Your Supplies

  • 1 yard each of two contrasting fabrics
  • 1 yard lightweight interfacing
  • Sewing essentials

You can download the FREE pattern HERE. You may need to add 1/2″ seam allowance when you cut the pattern on your fabric. If not, it really doesn’t matter. The bag is big enough to use as is. Again, at 100% scale the bag measures about 15″ across. This download is coming from Google Docs in a pdf format. If you cannot download it, check your browser settings or email me for a personal copy.

If you are using heavy weight home decor fabric for the bag on both sides then I don’t think you need to add interfacing. If you are using regular cotton, you may need to based on how sturdy you want the bag to be. I only added interfacing to one side of my bag. I left my denim side as is.

Cut out two pieces of each side, so that you have a total of 4 bag pieces. If you are using interfacing, cut out as many as you plan on using.

Iron on the interfacing to the wrong sides of the pieces you are attaching it to.

Let’s start!

Sewing the outer bag pieces right sides together on the sides and the bottom, leaving the top and the handle untouched for now. Repeat for the inner bag pieces.


Take your inner and outer bag box off the bottoms. Form a triangle on the bottom corners and sew about an inch from the end. Cut.

IMG_2800 IMG_2801


Now that you have two bags, fit one in the other right sides together.


Now, you will sew the U shaped  and the side right sides together of each inner and outer piece. So, one inner piece( right side) together with one outer piece (right side). Sew it all the way around, leaving about 6″ open on the top straps. You may need to leave more open if you use a lot of interfacing so it is not too hard to turn inside out.


Now, for the hardest part… turn the bag inside out through your openings.


Next, take the straps that are adjacent to each other and sew matching colors right sides together.


Iron your work and top stitch all the way around!


That’s it!

hobo collage

Thanks for visiting and happy sewing!



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