15 Minute Ruffle Dress

I saw this ruffle dress at Nordstrom and fell in love with it. However, I wasnt willing to pay $65 for it, knowing I could re-create something similar for a fraction of the cost. This dress seriously took less than 15 minutes to make. It only took 3 simple steps and Mila was running around in her ruffles. This pattern is a simple t-shirt and skirt dress. The trick is to use stretch ruffle fabric for the bottom so you don’t have to made a ton of ruffles (not my favorite thing to do). Since knit fabric doesn’t fray, it’s a simple cut, align and sew process. Here is the Nordstrom Dress and here is the one I made.

Nordstrom Iris and Ivy Infant Ruffle Dress


Here is mine! I actually wanted a red and white dress for christmas but I found this yellow fabric in my scraps and decided to use it. I really love how it turned out. I decided to leave out the bow in front. I thought it looked a lot simpler and less frilly without the bow. Maybe I will change my mind and add it later.



Here is what you need

A t-shirt that fits that you dont mind cutting

1/2 yard of stretch ruffle fabric. I got mine at Girl Charlee

Take your t-shirt and cut it about 5″ from the armpit. I got a really old t-shirt that I would have thrown out otherwise. You can see all the stains on the bottom:-)


Take your stretch ruffle fabric and cut about 2X the circumference of the bottom of your cut t-shirt. The length is up to you, based on how long you want the dress.
IMG_2691 Fold your ruffle in half and sew down, making sure your ruffles align when you sew.

IMG_2693 Now, set your stitch length to the longest length and sew the top of the skirt about 1/2″ down from the top. This fabric practically gathers itself when you sew with a long stitch length. After that, gather to fit the bottom of your t-shirt aligning the back seam of the skirt to the back of the t-shirt. Pin and sew down with fabrics right side together. You dont need to worry about fraying since these fabrics doesnt fray.


IMG_2694 Thats it, you are done. You dont need to hem.




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