Free Quilt Patterns for Beginners- Easy Patchwork

As you may have noticed from my sewing projects, I like to create pieces that are simple and fast to make. I have very little patience which the one thing I wish I could change most about myself. Before I learned to sew, I had no idea what was involved in making quilts. Like most people, I had no clue of the hours and hours of labor that goes into some of the gorgeous quilts you see at trade shows, pinterest etc. Once I learned how to sew, I knew I had to do quilts. They are so pretty and working with the different fabric designs is addicting! However, little patience and zero quilting experience is not the best traits to have when making these masterpieces. I decided to create a super simple quilt pattern from fat quarters. I purchased this Riley Blake Designs Kensington Fat Quarter Bundle for this project. The blue and red subtle hues caught my eyes. The combination of fabric matches my gray and blue bedroom d├ęcor perfectly. I am kinda proud of myself for the way it turned out. Love it. Can’t beat free quilt patterns for beginners. Take a look at the finished quilt HERE.


I love how pretty the patterns were without being too overwhelming and bright. The subtle contrast of the grays on blue and reds on yellow really stood out to me.

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This group with the grays and reds were my favorite. I found myself reaching more for this group during my layout.

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Again, the warmth of the solids on these dark backgrounds really brings out the design well. My favorite in this set is the dark wavy lines. I bought some extra yardage for this one for another project.

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The reds in this bundle gave me the idea to do a simple patchwork design. I think red in patch work patterns really helps to bring out the designs on other lighter designs.

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For this quilt top you will need
1 fat quarter bundle or 20 fat quarters
Download the pattern for this quilt HERE.
From each of your fat quarter, cut along the folded lines so that you have 4 long strips.

Group your strips based on color design and intensity with large designs together, medium prints, small prints etc. Form 4 groups.

Take a strip from each of your 4 groups and remake the fat quarter. Remake 20 fat quarters.

Once you have all your newly formed fat quarters cut and seamed neatly ironed. Cut each one again forming 4 long strips. I had my little assistant Mila helping me as you can see from the feet:-)

Take each of your strips and remake the fat quarter again. Repeat until you have 20 fat quarters.

Take each of your fat quarter and sew 4 together making 5 rows all together.

Sew each row in groups two.

Sew your final groups together to complete the quilt top.


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