Ribbons and Layers Fall Toddler Skirt

Well its fall and I just can’t seem to give up on summer clothes for Mila. She may just have to be a layering fall girl with tights under her skirts and long sleeve tee’s under her short sleeve shirts:-) I found this gorgeous fall leaves fabric at Southern Fabric and knew I had to get my hands on some yardage for Mila. It pairs perfectly with bright ribbons and a coordinating bow for an adorable fall skirt. This skirt is similar to my double layer skirt I did a few months back but with three layers instead of two. The triple layer technique is used in my ruffle skirt tutorial but without the ruffles. I think it came out pretty good. Now, I just have to wait for it to stop raining outside so I can take some pictures of Mila in it.

The main difference between this triple layer skirt and the double layer I made earlier is the use of connecting strips. I sewed 3″ connecting strips to each of my main strips. I then connected the top of each strip to the bottom of the one above it to give the layering effect. This is the same technique used in the ruffle skirt tutorial I did last week.

I did double stitches on the ribbons on the ends of each layer after I hemmed each one. I also did a brighter color than the fabric I chose to make the ribbons stand out. It also really highlights the fabric when you use bright contrasting ribbon colors. This isn’t the neatest sewing job but by using the perfect shade of thread, the imperfections are hidden:-)

After I made all of my strips and sewed all the ribbons, I connected the two ends the skirt together so that the layers line up neatly.
I added a ribbon belt by making loops around the waist using pieces of ribbons. I actually made my loops after I did the elastic but realized it would have been easier before I put the elastic in.

I wish my 30 year old body could wear cutesy clothes like this again but at least I get to live vicariously through my little girl:-)


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