A Peak into my Sewing Space

I have been working to create a space for myself in my house where I can create and let my imagination go wild:-). I fell in love with this surfer blue from Behr and ended up making it the main theme in the room. I saw these blue vinyl flower stickers on Etsy and couldn’t resist including them in the design. I swapped out my old boring ceiling light for this pretty chandelier from Ikea. A few other personal touches and I think I may be done.

 What do you think? Should I keep going or leave it as it is? I am thinking it needs some posters but I am not so sure.

I was lucking enough to find that blue stripped table online from a local company that refinishes furniture. It really works well with the color and layout of the room.

Check out this sign I made out of just plain ole pine wood from home depot and fabric paint I found in my sewing supplies! Yes, I could have done a better job with the letters but overall I think it looks ok.

And don’t forget my bookcase that once held all of my undergraduate and graduate biochemistry texts! It now houses all my fabrics. What a great swap; books for fabric:-)

My homemade door sign with stickers I found at the dollar store gives the entrance a little touch of color.

I am now using my once paper and homework covered desk as my cutting and pattern table!

Here is my favorite spot in my room: my pegboard. This is my first experience with pegboards and I love it. It houses all of my tools with easy access.

I am loving this space and can’t wait to break it in with some new projects!


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