How to make a simple embellished tank top

I love tank tops, even in the winter underneath a nice blazer. Knitted tanks are really simple to make. Any beginner can do this project. This ended up costing me about $6 for all my materials and took under an hour to make.

 Here is what you need
1 yard knit for size medium (any knit stretchy material will work)
An old tank top that fits
Fabric Glue
2 yards binding
First fold your knit in half and lay your old tank top on top. Cut all the way around adding about 1/2″ for seam allowance.

 Now, with right sides facing together sew  the two pieces of your tank top. Sew the shoulders and the sides.

Once you sew the sides, fold over the bottom about an 1/2″ to 1″ and hem it all the way around. Knit doesn’t fray so you don’t need to zig zag your edges.

Iron out all your seams so it looks nice and neat.

Your next step is to add binding around both arms and around the neck. There are lots of ways to do binding but the easiest for me is to simply fit the edge of the fabric I want to bind in the middle of the binding and sew it close. Here is a good YouTube video on binding.



Binding will make your edges look really nice and finished all around.

Now onto the fun part: adding your rhinestones. Lay your pieces exactly how you want them around your neck line. Once you have them laid down, glue it to the fabric using your fabric glue.

Let your glue dry for about an hour and that’s it…you have a gorgeous tank top.


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