My First Quilt

This is my very first quilt! After watching about 2 hours of you-tube videos and reading a ton of tutorials. I learned most of the techniques from Stephanie Pasquale. Its a 9 part series and it was extremely helpful. Here it is!
My very good friend is a cyclist and so I decided to make her a quilt using all of her t-shirts from various races she experienced throughout the years.  Here is a look of the final product
I decided to use bicycle fabric from the Timeless Collection on  
I did not doing the binding by hand since I could not imagine stitching this entire quilt with my hand. I did it with my machine and it turn out ok. I think I will do my next quilt by hand because I like how polished the hand stitching looks at the end.

I could not figure out how to do conerstones at the time I did this quilt so I just did a basic block design. As you can see the seams did not lock perfectly. I am still trying to figure out a technique on how to make it all line up perfectly.


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