Burp Cloth Tutorial- A Different Design

So as a beginner, I have been trying out simple designs. My friend is having a baby and I decided to try burb cloths. Many other blogs note how simple these are but having never sewn before, it may be intimidating. Here is my take on a unique design.

So here is all the stuff you will need:
Pre-fold Gerber Birdseye Diaper Cloth
1 yard of Cotton Fabric
1 roll of ribbon
Optional Sew-on labels
Thread and sewing essentials

Start by measuring the width of your diaper cloth. Mine was 12.5 inches. Then, cut out a rectangle from your fabric using dimensions + 1 inch for the width and 6 inches in height. So mine was 13.5×6.

Next, fold the rectangle in half and turn it inside-out. Then, sew the small sides close using 1/2 inch seam allowance on each side.

After you finish sewing the sides, turn it inside-out so that you have the right sides facing you. It should look like a rectangular pocket like the one below:

Now take your diaper cloth and fit it into the pocket as neatly as you can, like a taco:-)

Once you fit it inside the pocket neatly, sew the tops close on both sides. It should look like this now:

Next, take your ribbon and place it on the edge of your rectangle fabric so that it lines up edge to edge. Sew down the ribbon on both sides of the diaper cloth as well as on both edges of the ribbon to give it a neat and finish look.

Tada you are done! This was really simple and trust me if I can do it, you can do it!!


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